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GOR V Secondary Structure Prediction Server


In order to improve the accuracy of secondary structure predictions, we propose a new hybrid method: Consensus Data Mining (CDM). CDM combines our two previous successful secondary structure prediction methods:
  • Fragment Database Mining (FDM) (Cheng et al., 2005), and
  • GOR V (Kloczkowski et al., 2002;Sen et al., 2005).
The basic premise of CDM is that the combination of these two complementary methods can enhance the performance of the overall secondary structure prediction by harnessing the distinct advantages both methods afford:
  • FDM exploits the availability of sequentially similar fragments in the PDB, which leads to highly accurate (much better than GOR V) prediction of structure for such fragments, but such fragments are not available for many cases.
  • GOR V predicts the secondary structure of less similar fragments fairly accurately, where usually the FDM method does not find suitable structures.
Please refer to the papers in the bottom of the page for more information.

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Please refer your questions/comments about this server to Taner Z. Sen from the Jernigan group.